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8 Popular Family Activities In Johor

When travelling with children, planning ahead for activities is always a good idea to reduce stress and make the most of your vacation. So where should you visit for a Jolly Good Johor Time?

1.     Legoland Malaysia

First up on the list is definitely Legoland, the land of dreams for children and adults alike. It is a theme park and water park with over 70 rides along with a themed hotel, Legoland Malaysia Hotel, for the complete vacation. There are 7 main areas to explore including Lego Ninjago World, Lego Kingdoms, and Lego City. There are also scheduled performances so remember to check out the timings so you don't miss out!


FANPEKKA is a Finish conceptual theme park with fun activities that focuses on problem-solving and learning while playing in a fun and conducive environment. There are 6 areas to explore in this theme park featuring a massive pirate ship, ball pits, obstacle courses and slides that’ll keep your little bub entertained for hours. Look out for the Assembly Leikkimokki where you can build a house with your child or the Role Play Leikkimokki where children can roleplay as shopkeepers.

3.  Kota Tinggi Firefly Park

After a day at the theme parks, what can you do at night? Take a river cruise to watch the fireflies at Kota Tinggi Firefly Park. Take a moment and enjoy the miracle and beauty of nature with your loved ones. You can also release wish lanterns into the sky with your family here.

4.  Angry Birds Activity Park

Who doesn’t remember Angry Birds, the popular mobile phone game which was also turned into a Hollywood movie? This indoor playground is completely Angry Birds themed, so expect a lot of life sized figurines throughout. Kiddos can explore 5 different sections comprising trampolines, giant slides, and obstacle courses.

5.  Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast

Adventure Waterpark has the first-ever water coaster in the region and one of the biggest wave pools in the world! The waterpark features more than 20 wet and dry rides, slides and attractions to fill your family with funtastic memories.

6. Danga Bay Theme Park

A carnival theme park by the beach is definitely something different. Though small it has 20 rides including a roller coaster, a swinging pirate ship and a carousel. The best part is there are no entrance fees and you only pay for the rides you get on!

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7.  Desaru Fruit Farm

Named as a fruit farm, but there is more to Desaru Fruit Farm than its name suggests. Here in Desaru, you can partake in ATV rides, visit the adorable petting zoo and feed baby farm animals, have a paintball session or even try go-karting during the 5-hour fruit farm tour. Learn how the over 100 species of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown on this vast farmland and have a taste of the fresh produce in the farm shop.

8.   Zenxin Organic Park

In this day and age, we all understand the importance of organic vegetables and fruits. Zenxin Organic Farm tour educates visitors on organic farming and the right way to go about it. It is a great place to teach your kids that what you put into your body matters. Guests can also attend workshops like noodle-making from scratch, harvesting your own flour or the bee-keeper workshop to learn about honey making. Lastly, you can end the tour with a farm-to-table vegetarian meal at the on-site cafe.

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