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How to Be Safe and Cautious when Travelling During the New Normal

Safe Travelling Tips After Covid-19

With the unprecedented impact of how the coronavirus disease (covid-19) has made around the world, a new normal is slowly coming into place. From the way we buy groceries to how we communicate with each other, we are going through a new reality that involves many changes in our lives. And nowhere are these changes more evident than when we travel!

Whether traveling by air or on land, many are still unsure about how they can better protect theirs and their loved one’s health. That’s why we’ve compiled some useful tips on how you can stay safe and be cautious when traveling post Covid-19 during the new normal.

Travel in Secluded or Less Crowded Areas

With social distancing being part of the new normal, avoiding travel in crowded areas is a sure way to avoid getting infected and be a responsible traveller to prevent the further spread of Covid-19. A few ways you can do this is to travel during the off-season, choose attractions that are off the beaten path, or arrive at an attraction site earlier or later to avoid the crowds.

Hire Private Tours & Transportation 

Tours tend to be conducted in large shared groups, but with the new normal, hiring private tours and transportation is a safer and better way to travel while keeping you and your loved ones safe. Not only will you be travelling in smaller groups, you're also able to get the most out of your travel experience by seeing out of the way attractions and gaining more knowledge about the local culture along the way.

Check with Tour Providers for Safety Measures 

During these uncertain times, it’s better to be safe than sorry! You might come across some tour companies or providers selling tickets at super low price. Although it seems like a steal, you should always put your safety and health as priority. Aside from looking for good deals, you should always check with your respective tour provider for their safety measures before making a booking such as whether they check body temperatures, practice safe distancing, conduct contact tracing or do a thorough disinfection before/after every session. Expect some changes to guidelines and regulations on matters of safety when traveling to Malaysia during the new normal.

Opt for A la Carte or Set Meals

Food is an integral part to any travelling experience! When searching for places to dine, opt for a la carte menu or set meals. If possible, do avoid raw or undercooked meats and sharing food with anyone to minimise the risk of infection. Rest assured that eateries in Malaysia are now operating under the new health measures set by the Malaysia Ministry of Health so you know you’ll be dining in a safe environment.

Bring Masks and Hand Sanitisers

Though safety measures will be heavily in place during the new normal, it is always best to be extra careful and always adopt good hygiene practices. Wash your hands frequently and bring along your own set of masks and hand sanitisers. Whether you're travelling via air or land, it is highly advisable to pack some antibacterial or alcohol-based wipes to disinfect anything you are going to touch such as seat belts, arm rests, and tray tables, to name a few.