Broga Hill Travel Guide

Overview of Broga Hill

Broga Hill (Bukit Broga), also known as Bukit Lalang, is located 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur on the border between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, and towers at 400 metres high. Next to Broga town in the Hulu Langat District of Selangor, Broga Hill forms part of the Titiwangsa mountain range often labelled as the backbone of the Malay Peninsula. The hill at the top offers incredible panoramic views and is especially stunning in the early morning. It is a popular hiking attraction among locals as it is easily accessible, making it ideal for beginner hikers. Though the hike is steep, it takes only about 20 to 45 minutes to reach the summit depending on your fitness level. There are three peaks in total at Broga Hills. From the summit, there is a jungle trail that leads to Gunung Tok Wan, which will take you another one-and-a-half-hour hike to get there. 

What to Do


Broga Hills is known for its hiking trail and can take you about an hour to reach the top of the summit to either watch the sunrise or sunset. The trail is rated as easy to moderate with ropes tied along the path to help hikers, making it perfect for beginners. Do note a small entrance fee is required to enter the hiking trail.

Outdoor Activities 

Paradise Valley is a place near Broga Hills that offers adrenaline pumping activities as well as activities fit for big groups or families on holiday. The activities they offer include but not limited to kayaking, rock climbing, and camping. 

Outbac Broga is also another popular place that specialises in outdoor activities. It’s an internationally accredited campsite that has won awards for their innovative outdoor programmes, attracting big groups and large families. The activities you can do here range from flying fox and mountain biking to rock climbing and cave diving! 

Family Activities 

If you have little children, a trip to Rabbit Fun Land will be a fun day out for the family! There will be guides to teach your kids about the many animals and they will also bring them on a tour of the grounds where they can feed animals such as horses, goats, and deer! They have since moved to Mantin though it is only a 10-minute drive away from Broga. 

Another place you can visit with the family is Elda’s Farmhouse, where you can visit their private kitchen and enjoy an authentic kampung cuisine. 

Visit Sak Dato Temple 

Sak Dato Temple is popular with both tourists and devotees, with its elaborate and colourful statues as well as beautiful gardens. It is also a popular filming location for local films. 

When is the Best Time to Visit

It is best to avoid hiking Broga Hills during the monsoon season as the trails will be muddy and slippery, making it dangerous. Take note that the monsoon season in Malaysia typically starts from October to March and the dry season is typically between March to September. 

How to Get to Broga Hill

In Bukit Broga, hiking is the main way to get around. You can self-drive to Semenyih town from Bukit Broga. If you choose to self-drive to Bukit Broga, parking is available with a parking fee.

What to Eat

Local Food

Restoran Brogla serves hot meals, making it perfect after a long day of hiking. 

Where to Stay

Because the trip to Bukit Broga is less than an hour, visitors will typically visit Bukit Broga for a day trip and then drive back to Kuala Lumpur after. 

What to Bring

Because it can get quite hot and sunny, bring along a cap or hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Insect repellent to ward off insects and mosquitoes, as well as a large bottle of water for hydration, are also good to bring along. 

What to Wear

Though the hike on Broga Hills is relatively easy, make sure to always wear proper footwear to avoid any injuries and proper attire for comfort. If you’re not planning to go hiking, comfortable clothing and footwear such as sandals should do the trick.