Tempurung Caves Travel Guide

Overview of Tempurung Caves

Located in Gopeng, 24km south of Ipoh, PerakTempurung Caves (Gua Tempurung) is the largest cave in Peninsular Malaysia and is over 3km long though only 1.9km of it is open to visitors. The natural caves found below the limestones hills of Gunung Tempurung attract both caving enthusiasts and casual visitors, making it the perfect place for beginners to venture into caving exploration. It is made up of 5 huge domes resembling coconut shells and is believed to have existed for around 10,000 years, as evident in its complex structure and incredible network of stalagmites and stalactites. Part of the cave has been developed into show caves, with a range of walkways ranked according to its length and difficulty. 

What to Do

Cave Exploring 

Cave exploration is the main activity at Tempurung Caves. You can experience caving by joining the various tours they offer, though each of them has different requirements as well as the types of preparation needed. 

You can choose between 4 different tours:

  • Tour 1: Golden Flowstone
  • Tour 2: Top Of The World
  • Tour 3: Top Of The Word and Short River Adventure
  • Tour 4: Grand Tour.

These progressively increase in length and difficulty. 

The 5 caverns of Tempurung Caves which you can explore are: Golden Flowstone Cavern, Gergasi (Giant) Cavern, Tin Mine Cavern, Alam (Universe) Cavern and Battlefield Cavern. They each have their own unique features and charm. 

When is the Best Time to Visit

It is best to visit the caves during the dry seasons. Monsoon seasons from November to March are not good times to visit as there is a high chance the caves may be flooded during this time. 

How to Get to Tempurung Caves

By Train 

From the capital city Kuala Lumpur, you can take the ETS (Electronic Train Service) from KL Sentral to Central Ipoh. 

By Bus from Ipoh 

Once you’ve reached Central Ipoh, you can board a local bus which will bring you to a junction where there will be a 2km long road that leads to the cave. You may give the cave management a call to pick you up and bring you to the caves. 

What to Eat

There are many restaurants located close to Tempurung Caves, with many of them located in the nearby town of Gopeng. Some of the more popular restaurants in Gopeng are Kheng Bee Kopisan Coffee Shop, Gopeng Antique Kopitiam, East Ocean Seafood Restaurant, and Heritage Town Café, to name a few.

Where to Stay

There is plenty of accommodation located near to Tempurung Caves. When visiting Tempurung Caves, you will most likely stay in Gopeng where there are a variety of accommodation options. If you’re looking for budget-friendly stays, you can opt for stays such as the Ulu River Lodge or Sahom Valley Resort, if you’re looking for eco-friendly stays. If you’re opting for something a little more luxurious, Gopeng Glamping Park is also an ideal choice. 

What to Bring

You may bring along a torch light or headlamp to help you to see in the dark though your guide will also have one on hand. Both helmets and headlamps will be provided and available for rental. If you’re going to participate in wet tours, you will need to bring along a change of clothing and a towel. 

What to Wear

Appropriate attire and footwear such as hiking boots or shoes should be worn. You are recommended to put your belongings in a waterproof bag to keep them safe and dry. If you are bringing a camera, ensure it is waterproof or encased in waterproof casing to prevent damage. If you are participating in the wet tours, bring along gloves for gripping and knee pads to avoid scratching your knees with river gravel. 

Things to Note

Exploring the Tempurung Caves may not be suitable for the elderly or children, with the exception that they have high fitness level.