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Top Family-Friendly Destinations For Those Travelling With Young Kids

It’s 2022 and Malaysia is opening up for safe tourism and travel. With school and festive holidays around the corner, it is a great time to plan holiday destinations. As a nation, our Cuti-Cuti Malaysia is well known and well-loved amongst Malaysians. With so many destinations to consider, here is a guide on which are the most family-friendly places for those with young children. Each of these destinations is equipped with safety and health precautionary measures for your peace of mind.

Sky Mirror

It is a great time to be outdoors soaking up the morning sun for a natural hit of Vitamin C and where best to seek such an activity but at Sky Mirror Beach in Kuala Selangor. It is nature at its best where your family can immerse and surround themselves with the blue sky. To catch the Sky Mirror, you need to go when the time and tide is ideal, revealing the sand bar, which makes for picture-perfect photo opportunities. It also makes a great destination for children who are always curious about nature and marine life. They will enjoy spotting marine organisms such as sand dollars, baby clams, sea anemones, hermit crabs, shells and others. The journey from the jetty takes approximately 30 minutes and the ideal time to visit is before 11.00 am, before the sun comes out in full force.

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Aquaria KLCC

Almost every child is intrigued by marine life and the best place to see marine life in its natural habitat is Aquaria KLCC. One of the best aquariums in Asia to visit, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It has over 5,000 terrestrial and aquatic creatures, including sharks, stingrays and turtles. As you enter, you may get hands-on experience with several aquatic animals in the Touch Pool, a kid’s favourite activity in Aquaria. The ocean is the largest unexplored place on Earth and the 90-metre transparent underwater tunnel in Aquaria gives your family an uncharted experience under the sea. Children can learn about the diverse biosphere through the different exhibits, learn about the life-cycle of sharks or watch the animals being fed by the professional aquarists to learn about their role in the ecosystem.

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 Genting Highlands

If your family is not one for being under the sun by the sea or indoors under the sea, come ride through the clouds high above in Genting Highlands. Some have the impression that Genting Highlands is only for adults, how wrong they are! Genting Highlands is a wonderland of activities and adventures for young families with so much to explore. Besides enjoying the cool crisp weather, strawberry picking, shopping in the premium outlets or dining at the many famous restaurants, these two attractions are a must-do; Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park and Awana Skyway Cable Car. 

Treat your kids to a day they’ll never forget in Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park! Experiencing thrilling rides and attractions or relive your own memories with your kids riding the nostalgic classic carousel. There are over 20 fun rides and attractions to pick and choose from. You can plan your day and split the time at SkyAvenue lifestyle mall located adjacent to the theme park. 

Enjoy the view and magnificence of the ancient Malaysian rainforest from the Awana Skyway Cable Car. This is definitely a breath-taking experience, made even better if you choose the glass-floor gondola which sits 6 pax giving your family privacy and a full birds-eye view of your surroundings. Otherwise, the normal gondolas sit 10 pax and at a more affordable rate. Make the ride worthwhile and stop along the way to explore Chin Swee Caves Temple.

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Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm

Entopia is the largest free-flying butterfly garden in Malaysia. Located on the north side of Penang Island amidst the lush tropical forest of Teluk Bahang. It is a nature learning experience that encourages our children to reconnect with nature and understand the importance of all species in the ecosystem, no matter how tiny they are. In Entopia, children and adults can both explore nature and the world of butterflies through interactive programs and hands-on activities. There is nothing more magical than the moment a butterfly lands on your finger or nose before it flutters away. There are over 200 species of plants to observe and also various animal species, ranging from insects, invertebrates and small reptiles to interact with. 

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Langkawi Underwater World

Langkawi is Malaysia’s most famous island and has so much to offer visitors! One of the top favourite attractions in Langkawi for families with children is the Langkawi Underwater World. It is one of the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in South East Asia with over 4,000 different aquatic species. A fan favourite is the penguin enclosure. It was founded for research & development, education and entertainment. Children can learn the importance of conservation of marine life through the different ecosystem displays: Tropical Rainforest & River Ecosystem, Temperate & Sub-Antarctic and Marine Section. 

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SkyCab Cable Car, SkyRex, SkyDome & 3D Art Gallery

The SkyCab Cable Car, SkyRex, SkyDome & 3D Art Gallery are all created and packaged with the intention of providing adventure to children and adults.

The Malaysian rainforest dates back 130 million years old and the best way to soak in a 360-degree, breath-taking view of this majestic forest and the archipelago is a ride on the Langkawi SkyCab Cable Car. It is the highest cable car ride in Malaysia and a great experience for families to enjoy together. The journey is 1,700 meters long over 3 stations; base, middle and top station.

The next attraction on this adventure is to board a tram simulator at SkyRex and go back to a Jurassic era of dinosaurs. After this prehistoric adventure, your next stop is the SkyDome theatre, equipped with 12 projectors and offers 360 degrees of 3D image projections in high definition for a full exploration of the senses. It’s so real you will think you are in space! The last attraction is the 3D Art Gallery, the largest in Malaysia, for great photo opportunities with amazing optical illusions. 

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Legoland Malaysia

Legoland is a place where adults can bring out their inner child and have a blast with their kids! Seeing the world of Lego come alive brick-by-brick is fascinating. The first international theme park in Malaysia has 7 theme parks with over 40 rides and attractions including the Legoland Water Park. You can start your brick-venture at LEGO city, MINILAND or NINJAGO World or head to Imagination Land where one can build your own Lego Buildings or children can participate in workshops at the Technic Area. Some may choose to start with a splashing good time at the LEGO Wave Pool. There is so much to do here one day is not enough. Luckily, they built a Lego-themed hotel so visitors can stay in the zone.

This amazing theme park even comes with its own aquarium zone, SEA LIFE, where visitors can discover the underwater world and explore over 25 display tanks in 11 habitat zones featuring over 125 species of marine life.

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North Borneo Cruises

After spending so much time on land, going on a scenic cruise with North Borneo Cruises would be an unforgettable, fun-filled experience for families who want to try something new. The 2-hour luxury cruise takes you out to Kota Kinabalu’s open sea and includes an exploration of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Sabah is famous for its beautiful sunsets so the Sunset Dinner Cruise is a perfect evening out, dining on a delicious local and international cuisine buffet while soaking in the glorious sunset at sea. It is a moment that will stand still and remain in your memory forever.

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Desaru Fruit Farm Tour

Many city folks grow up not knowing how fruits and vegetables grow, or even what a fruit tree looks like. This amazing innovative tourism attraction that is Desaru Fruit Farm Tour does wonders for discovery and education. Get ready for some family fun in the sun as this tour comes with plenty of activities! It starts off with a guided tour of 180-acres of natural tropical fruit land, an educational visit to the agricultural gallery, then off to the vegetable and herb garden. There is also a petting zoo for children to enjoy and an educational talk on the importance of bees to the environment that comes with a taste of local raw honey. Of course, one does not join a fruit farm tour without sampling the fresh succulent variety of fruits on offer on top of the set meal that accompanies the tour. 

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For the more adventurous visitors, the tour has an option of exploring on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), where you can feel the wind in your face and breeze in your hair while navigating the 180-acres tour. 

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